• Alpha Bravo Charlie

    In this helicopter recon game, your mission is to pickup the stranded and wounded special-op's servicemen returning from missions.

  • Boris

    Fight the whole mob in this exciting side scrolling fighter!

  • Bully Basher

    As a gloves-and-glasses-wearing kid, kick some bully ass!

  • Close Combat

    A brilliant turn-based war game.

  • Fat Ninja

    Control the fat ninja and clear various exciting levels by killing all the security agents without getting spotted.

  • Mobs Down

    Back to basic good old street fighting game.

  • Muay Thai

    Battle against dangerous enemies, perform various super hit combo moves and defeat strong bosses.

  • Ninja Rampage

    Stealth and cunning is the key.. Kill all the guards without being seen!

  • Soul of the Katana

    Destroy your opponents and witness the true power of the Soul of the Katana.

    The object of the game is to survive and take out enemy units and bosses. Collect gold coins to gain additional lives. Unleash the Soul of the Katana and Destroy your opponents. Use deadly martial art and sword moves.


    1. Movements = Arrow Keys
    2. Jump = Space Bar
    3. Vertical Sword Slice = Z Key
    4. Horizontal Sword Slice = X Key
    5. Kick =C Key

  • Street Avenger

    Beat up the bad guys in this exciting side scrolling ass-kicker, Street Avenger!

  • Tanks V2

    A very advanced tank war game with various terrains, numerous weapons and upgrades! Now with much better Artificial Intelligence.

  • The Empire

    Conquer your opponents in this exciting RTS game! Strategy at its finest!

  • Young Lee

    Go on a quest for vengeance and become the ultimate karate master!

  • Warrior Quest

    Are you ready for a fight to the finish… in this quest for immortality?

  • Black Sails

    Control the seas with your mighty ship in the carribean. Recruit crew members and overpower your enemies!

  • Bone Attack

    Command your army of the damned and move forward into the enemy territory.

  • Evil Nights

    Prepare to defend the village from the evil creatures that come out during Evil Nights!

  • Sim Lemonade 30 Days

    The challenge for the best lemonader has begun! How much can you earn in 30 Days?

  • Sim Lemonade Millionaire

    How rich can you get in the lemonade business? Find out here!