• Lucky Chakra

    Try to collect all the flying Chakras. You will be rewarded 100 points for the Green Chakra Symbols and 10 points for all the other ones.

  • Magical Awakening

    Every time an object starts making noise, click on it to make it quiet. The number of noisy objects will increase as the game progresses.

  • Chomper

    Use the mouse to steer Chomper the fish, finding him tasty red worms to eat while avoiding green ones, and steering clear of the evil purple fish.

    After years of being a vegetarian, today is his first day back eating worms. Using only your mouse help chomper swim around and chomp as many red worms as possible!

  • Flappy

    Quickly clicking your mouse button, help Flappy to pop all the balloons without bumping into any of those angry blue birds.

    Using only your mouse click and hold to fly Flappy as far as you can. Avoid the little blue birds and try to pop all the ballons by flying into them for extra points

  • Hungry Bob

    Click on the character to make him jump up and catch all the right foods. Hold down the mouse for higher jumps.

    Click on Bob to make him jump and grab the food he likes. using your mouse click on bob to make him jump up and grab the food he likes. The longer you hold down your mouse the higher bob will jump. You can also move him left and right while holding down the mouse. You got only 5 minutes.

  • Pig on the Rocket

    Steer to collect rocket fuel and food for your rocket-riding piggy.

    Help Mr. Oinker in collecting as much fruit items as possible by escaping from big bird and score highest points.

  • Mega Jump

    Use the wind to your advantage to go as far as possible when you chuck Mr. Phrog through the air with his giant catapult.

    Click and hold your mouse anywhere on the screen until you get enough power to boast Mr. Phrog into the air. Pay attention to the wind you can use it in your advantage.

  • AIB!

    Duck and jump to avoid being hit by the flying fruit.

  • 18 Wheeler

    Put your truck driving skills to the test. How quick can you park the 18 wheeler?

  • 18 Wheeler 2

    The sequel to the amazing 18-wheel truck driving game is now here! It has a ton of new features! Play 18 wheeler 2!

  • Chain Reaction

    An atom bomb is triggered by a chain reaction. Try to ignite a chain reaction here by yourself!

  • City Under Siege

    Defend your city at all costs in this Battle City-Type game on massive steroids, City Under Siege!

  • Crash Down

    Try to eliminate rows of the same color, but if it builds up too much you will lose the game.

  • Fish Eat Fish

    Capture all the fishes of the same color by trapping them inside a region, drawn on the screen. Highly addictive and must play!

  • Fly Plane

    Just try to fly up your plane and collect as many red dots as you possible!

  • Gem Mania

    Collect all the gems in your Choo Choo train, but avoid bumping into your own carriages.

  • Go Green Go

    Control your UFO and clear all the levels by landing it accurately on the destination platforms in least possible time.

  • Hungry Piranha

    The baby piranha is hungry.. But the other fish are too big.. The only solution is to get bigger!

  • Ice Castle Blaster

    Demolish the castles in front of you using your catapult. Time to blast some ice castles!

  • Island Defense

    Defend your little island from the enemy paratroopers using various weapons and drown them in the sea.

  • Jumping Troll

    Help the troll to bounce on the mushroom, collect all the fruits and light up the rings while avoiding the baddies...

  • Kaboom

    Remake of the classic Kaboom game where the aim is to not let the bombs hit the ground or its goodbye Charlie!

  • Little Shepherd

    Take part in the sheep herding competition and guide your sheep safely into the fences.

  • Maxims Day Out

    Maxim, the little puppy is having a day out at the park. Make him jump and catch as many frisbees as possible.

  • Maxims Seaside Adventure

    Help Maxim, the little puppy to ride his skateboard along the seaside and grab all the bones, while avoiding the obstacles.

  • Maximus

    Spear throwing accuracy was important back in the day.. Try your skills at it today!

  • Mushroom Farm Defender

    Defend your farm with the help of mushroom defense!

  • Pig Wars

    Help a little pig to throw bombs and blow up as many enemy pigs as possible before they destroy you.

  • Rapidz 3D

    Rapid fun in this fast paced missile game!

  • Sim Rescue

    Fly a helicopter in this side scrolling rescue simulation game.

  • Skater Boy

    Play as a skater boy and cover the maximum distance in the challenging tunnel to score maximum points.

  • Sky Fire Fighter

    The forest is on fire! Fly a plane, scoop water from the nearby lake and put off the fire in this addictive game.

  • Space Bugs

    xShoot down the invading enemy space bugs before they run you down, in this revived version of the classic shooter.

  • Stalingrad 2

    You are once again needed by the motherland! Defend against the German invaders in this fitting sequel!

  • Stone Breaker

    A modern revival of the classic breakout game, that takes you back to the Stone Age! New power-ups and a high score table.

  • Super K9

    Can you take the part of man's best friend? The test for the best guide dog is here!


    Tank's war has started! Test your skill and accuracy and destory the enemy tank.

  • Tanks Wars

    Become the top tank warrior and destroy anything in your path!

  • The Chinese Professor

    Like catapulting yourself in the air, just to see how far you can fly? Help the chinese professor cross the Great Wall of China!

  • Tower Defence

    Protect the Princess from the enemy onslaught and defend her tower for as long as you can, using special powers.

  • Water Supply

    Finish the piping projects as quick as possible! Any housing needs their water supply!

  • Wiggi World Rescue

    Rescue the world from fires. Put them out by stomping on them!

  • Climber

    The objective of the game is to keep climbing until you reach the top. Dodge debris and make sure to get to the checkpoints alive. Try and tap the arrow keys so you can move faster. Press space bar every once in a while to put pitons. Good Luck!

    Try to go tru all levels... This is a platform game. Use the arrow keys.

  • Frogger

    Help Frogger cross the busy highway, cycling path and the fast moving canal....safely into the bushes on the other side

    Cool frogger like game. Get your frog accross the road, past the snake, over the logs, and onto the targets. Good luck...

  • Gauntlet

    Try to go tru all levels! Not an easy one. Read the instructions before beginning the game.

    Find your way through Gauntlet in this excellent Adventure game. Use the keypad to move in 8 directions. Hit ""P"" to magically destroy all ghosts. Hit Space Bar to launch a fireball.

  • Hole In One

    Shoot the ball as far as possible in just 12 seconds. You control the golf club with the mouse. You need to do it precise and fast. Find the right technique to get awesome shots.

  • JetPac

    It's 2055 and you're on the moon in prison...lucky for you, you found an old jetpack. Use the left and right arrow keys to go up and move left or right. The further you go, the more money you earn to buy upgrades.

    A flash conversion of the Classic ZX Spectrum Game - JetPac. Jetman has crash-landed on a distant planet, with ledges suspended in mid-air and populated by various nasties, and he must escape and find his way home. Your first task is to retrieve each of the three parts of his spaceship, in order, and carry them over the base part. After this, you must collect enough fuel to be able to fly away, again by picking it up and dropping it over the ship (you don't have to actually make contact with the ship in doing this). Once you've filled the ship up, you can fly on to the next level, in which you must again refuel. Each level contains various bad guys, with different attack patterns; you have a lazer to shoot them for points, and must avoid contact with them.

  • Pinball King

    A simple pinball-game... try to get as much points as possible

    Use your flippers to keep the ball in play at all costs. Complete the tasks you are given, and you might unleash the might of the Volcanic Fireball! Classic arcade action that lasts the test of time, complete with mini games!


    Press and release the down arrow to shoot the ball, and use the left and right arrow keys to operate your flippers. Aim for the target(s) that are currently flashing in order to gain extra time, bonus points and open up the Great Volcano. Use the spacebar to nudge the table. Be careful though, if you do it too much you will lose your current ball!

  • Ping Pong

    One bat, One ball, Your Skill...a simple Ping Pong Paddle game. See how long you can keep it going.

    Try to get as much points as possible within 1 minute. The more balls you can keep up, the bigger your score will be.

  • Snake Classic

    Another version of snake. This one a litle bit more professional

    Snake game, 50 levels ,90 different snake skins.

  • Cool Snake

    New snake game, can be played by two people at the same time.

    Another version of the snake-game. You can go tru the walls in this one, but don't hit yourself or you're dead!

  • Sonica

    This is a cool platform game use the left and right keys to move and space to jump.

    Help Sonic go through Dark Dungeons.

  • Tetris 2

    Another version of the classic tetris game.

    Fit the pieces into rows to make them disappear.

  • Tetris: the flash version

    Tetris, in simplest form. now with new nightmare mode

    Block game, don't leave any gaps!

  • 3 Foot Ninja

    Defeat the ninjas... This game doesn't support highscores

    The object of the game is to go on a quest to find your destiny where you'll face many obstacles and enemies. Use the power of your sword wisely and swiftly, for your enemies are numerous and deadly.


    Use the arrow keys to navigate the ninja.
    Swing Sword A Key
    Throw Stars S Key
    Jab Sword D Key

  • Flash Snake

    Another Snake-game. Watch out: you have to be fast enough, because after a few seconds the dot will automaticly remove itself FROM the screen and then you can't do much more then killing yourself.


    Use the LEFT and RIGHT arrows to move your snake. Watch our for the walls and your tail! Eat all the red dots that appear!

  • Neave tetris

    Just another Tetrus game but very well put together

    Distinctively shaped pieces fall into a matrix where you need to arrange them so they form a complete horizontal line. Once a line without gaps is created, it disappears and the blocks above fall down. The more lines you create simultaneously, the more you score.

  • Clean Up

    The world has been polluted to point of exctinction. Help the cleaning team tidy up the rivers and oceans of Earth again by yanking out all the left over garbage. Watch out for the lucky fish who are still swimming in the waters though!

    Clean up the city. Try to catch as much dirt as possible.

  • Ninja+ 2

    Play as Ninya the Ninja as you level up and decide which skills to put your points into

    This is the sequel to the popular game ninja+. Ninja+ 2 is an awesome adventure game where you the ninja must rope through the levels collecting all the coins and eliminating all the enemies with your arrows.

    -6 Unique Levels
    -4 different A.I. driven enemies ( and spikes)
    -One shot head kills - mutli shot body kills
    -Speed Timer each level for competitive play
    -Unlimited Arrows
    -Each level requires a new skill to complete (double-roping, swing and shoot)
    -Quality Ninja Music and Sounds
    -Auto-save progress for future playing
    -Custom Level Builder Option
    -Share your custom built levels with your friends


    Aim - Mouse
    · Shoot - Space Bar
    · Move - A,W,D

  • Pacman

    Hey, who can forget pacman? Play the old style classic pacman game here online.


    This game, the quite essential classic arcade game, was originally created by Namco in the early 1980s and has now been updated for the web by Neave. The idea is a simple one - guide Pacman around the maze and eat all the little white dots whilst avoiding those nasty ghosts. If you eat a Power Pill, you can eat the ghosts!. Occasionally, a fruit appears which gives you a bonus score when eaten. Enough talk - Lets Get Munching!

    Use the arrow keys to navigate the Pacman.
    Press Key "P" to Pause/Unpause game.
    Press Key "Q" to quit game.
    Press Key "M" to Mute/Unmute game.
    Press Key "L" for low quality graphics (choose low quality if Pacman is running slowly).

  • Sports Games > Tennis Game

    You can play an Exhibition match against the computer to train yourself and then prepare to take part in the Tournament. Select your player to begin with, each player has different skill levels. You've to play against a random opponent in the first round. Defeat your opponent to proceed to the next round. Win all the matches to grab the championship tittle.

    The classical tennis game, beat the computer..


    - Movements = Use Arrow Keys
    - Serve And Smash The Ball = Use Space Bar