Frogger Online Game Summary

Why did the frog cross the road?  To get to next level, of course!

The idea of this super-fun arcade classic is to help Frogger reach the other side of the road without turning him into roadkill.  Logs, cars, and cyclists are in your way, and so is the clock!  Play well and have fun as you help the amphibian cause.

How to Play

Use the arrow keys to move Frogger.  Avoid cars to get across the road.  Jump on logs and turtles to get across the river without falling in or getting eaten by an alligator.

Frogger tips - you can always go backwards if you are on a log and about to get in trouble, sometimes making a run for it across the street is the best way to go

Comments :

Help Frogger cross the busy highway

cycling path and the fast moving canal... safely into the bushes on the other side.