gone postal

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Fast paced package throwing frenzy by kakihara

Poor old Brian the postroom assistant has been worked too hard by his boss and has completely lost the plot, you must keep Brian from being arrested by the police.

The police are coming into the building through the two side doors on the ground floor and are determined to work their way up to Brian floor by floor using the ladders.

If a policeman gets to Brian then he will be arrested and it will be game over.

The only means of stopping the police from reaching Brian is to throw the packages that he has stored on himself and the lob them down at the police, dont worry though the packages will not kill the police, just seriously injure them.

Hitting a policeman with a package will stun them for a couple of secounds, if they are on a ladder then they will fall of it.

How to play

To throw packages press the Space Bar on your keyboard.

To move Brian left and right use the arrow keys on your keyboard.

As Brian takes out more and more police the forces will use greater measures to capture him, they will gradually call in better trained police who can take more punishment and ad each level passes the ammount of the police and the quickness at which they are dispatched is increased.


To complete a level you must take out all police members that enter the building.

Because of Brian poor mental state he can enter a rage, once in this state he moves twice as fast and can throw packages as quick and they will turn do twice as much damage.

Brian's rage meter is found at the top of the screen, Brian can enter a state of rage when you see fit, to use the rage press the control button on your keyboard.

Bonus points are gained at the end of every level for accuracy so be careful with your throws.