Protect the meadow from the evil insects and prevent them from destroying the croft.

Purpose of the game

In this game you have to place your limited amount of guns and turrets in such a way that they kill the waves of bugs attacking the area. You will confront various sorts of bugs, each one having their own health.

Your objective is to kill all the bugs and let no bug escape. For each bug that escapes you, you lose a life. You have a total of 50 lives. The game ends if you run out of lives. If you kill all the bugs without losing all your lives, you go to the next level. As you go into the advaced levels, your enemies are going to get more and more advanced, but so will your weapons, keep your weapons upgraded to get the most out of them. Trade in the dredit points you earn to buy new weapons or upgrade.

How to play

You only have to use your mouse to play this game. click on any of the weapoms and then click on the field to install a weapon.click on an installed weapon and then click on sell to sell the weapon or click on upgrade to upgrade the weapon.

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Comments :

great strategy game!

Best Free Bugzilla Td Game. Bugzilla Td is a great strategy game in which you have to use your war skills to kill the ememy.