• Ultimate Blob

    Keep the blob off the ground for as long as possible using the ball. Grab stars for bonuses.

    Using your mouse lift the green blob in the air with the blue ball.

    Keep the green blob in the air as long as possible. The higher the blob the more points you will score.

  • Manta Bomber

    Xana has sent a Manta to destroy Odd. Use the mouse to help Odd pilote his hover board to catch all the bombs that the skates send. If a bomb hits the ground, it will disrupt power to Odds board, which will make him fall over!
    Control: Use your mouse to play this game.

  • Zombie Run

    Zombies Run is a trans-reality game that pits you against a world full of zombies in a race for your life. When living in a zombie-infested city, you needs a little help to maintain a normal, healthy, not-undead existence.

    You must run away from them in order to survive and maintain your normal routine and previous happy lifestyle, to do so you must try to collect 8 diamonds to go to the next level, use the arrow keys to escape from them... Dont worry, you'll survive.... You can you safely navigate an infested area. Be just quick and dont be scared, it's just a funny game.

  • Border Blast

    Launch the guy and watch him bounce along hopping he doesn't hit a cactus.

    Your aim in this funny online game is to help this illegal immigrant get over the fence to join his fellow immigrants so he can have a chance at a new life in a new world. Aim the immigrant using YOUR MOUSE and watch the red power gauge, when it hits max click the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to launch him as far as he can go. Some obstacles will kill or hinder you but others will give you boost. Have fun!

  • Arnys Battle 2

    Arnys Battle 2 he's back and this time hes got a rhino to ride!

    Help him blast his way through his enemies and back to civilization.

    The return of Arny, this time hes got a battle on his hands. USe the mouse to aim and shoot and the directional keys on your keyboard for movement.

  • Sub wars

    Destroy as mush ships and submarine as you can! The deeper you submerge the harder it is to hit you! But don't forget to surface, when your oxygen supply is low!

    Use the ARROW KEYS to move the sub and press the SPACEBAR to shoot

  • Attack time

    Stop the machines from Taking you APART! They want you for spare parts!

    Thrilling adventure at high speed. Shoot all the enemies while piloting the motorbike.

    Use arrow keys to drive your special war vehicle and try to destroy as many targets as you can. Don’t forget to avoid the mines on the road.

  • Assassin ation simulator

    Your mission if you wish to accept it, is to protect your country at all cosst. We have prepared an Assassination Simulator to help you become the best!

    You should try to shoot all targets as soon as they appear and dont forget to refill using the space bar.

    Each time you miss you will lose a life. As you progress the targets YOU WILL GET FASTER.

    One hell of a work out should you ever be called on for an Assassination Attempt!

  • Missing in action

    Rescue as many soldiers as you can and land your zeppelin in the landing area. Play MissinginAction!


    1. Use Arrow Keys to move the zeppelin.
    2. Press Spacebar to release the rope.
    3. Rescue as many soldiers as you can and land your zeppelin in the Landing Area.
    4. Watch out for your Energy and Fuel levels.

  • bugtime

    Bug Time is a shooting game in which you try to survive and kill as more bugs as you can within one minute.

    Bug Time is a fun flash game, never mind the Terminator here comes the Exterminator, lets blast some bugs.

    Your mission is to destroy all the bugs and get the highest score.

    Use the mouse to aim and left click to fire.

  • Altex 3

    Kill the zombies before they kill you.

    Shoot the dancing man as he pops out from all the sides of a brick chamber. It's a timed game so you need to be really fast!

    1) Use the mouse cursor for aiming.
    2) Left click to shoot.

  • Crazy Closet

    Catch as many balls in 90 seconds as you can!

    The balls are spilling out of the closet at a break-neck speed. You need to catch them in a box quickly before they drop to the floor. Negative points for every ball missed. Use your attention to the maximum if you want to catch all the falling balls and set a new highscore!

    Use the mouse cursor to move the box.

  • zz Bots walking

    A more advanced version of walking bots with several levels... This game doesn't support highscores

    You live your life happily when something happens. You find yourself surrounded by robots who want to destroy you. It's for a battle! Fight out the nasty robots as they surround you steadily from all sides.

    Keys for playing:
    1) Left: Move towards the Left
    2) Right: Move towards the Right
    3) Up Arrow Key: Move Up
    4) Down Arrow Key: Move Down
    5) Left click to shoot

  • The Geek Race


    The office geeks have a deadline to meet..Show them who is the geekiest of all by beating them to the finishing line.

    Keys for playing:
    1) C and F: Run
    2) S: Punch

  • The Package

    You are in your office. It's Monday morning and you have received a packet with a note:"This is a bomb. If you are reading this, it has been activated. Your phone lines have been cut. Do not attempt to flee. If you try to run, i will detonate the bomb remotely. I'm giving you a chance to survive. The timer has started, you have fifteen minutes." Be careful and try to escape. Enjoy!

    A mysterious parcel has appeared on your desk. I wonder what it contains...

  • Defender

    Defend your base against the intruders. A simple shooting game.

    Your mission in this Tower Defense type of game is to eliminate waves of slimy critters. Each level consists of a number of waves and each of these waves is progressively harder and must be eliminated before it reaches the exit points. For every monster killed your defenders are awarded gold and experience. Gold can be used to purchase new defenders, level up existing one or pave new areas ready for defenders to use. Once you have a defender of a specific level it unlocks advanced defenders for purchase. Defenders can only be placed on paved tiles.

    Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. You can use SPACEBAR to cancel current build order or hold down SHIFT KEY to place multiple defenders of the same type. To learn more about defenders, check in-game documentation. Good luck!

  • Pyoro Flash Edition

    A game where you must run away from the falling fruits and eat them to get points.

    Meet Pyoro, the vegetable eating bird! Scoop up the plants with your tongue, but make sure they don't land on you! Try to get the high score. Very addictive game!

    Right/Left arrows: Move bird
    Spacebar: Fire tongue.

  • Eat balls

    Try to eat as much of the balls as possible, but don't let the flying saucers get you

    The UFO's are coming down at a dangerous speed and you have to eat as many balls as possible without banging into the flying saucers. Thankfully you have missiles for your protection. So let’s get started!

    Keys for playing:
    1) Left: Move towards the Left
    2) Right: Move towards the Right
    3) Spacebar: Fire
    4) Up Arrow Key: Moves Up
    5) Down Arrow Key: Moves Down

  • Desert Mission

    Destroy as many enemies as possible.

    Shoot the flying airplanes and drones overhead with your tank. Takes some skill to hit them.

    Use Arrow keys to move, Use Left mouse button to shoot.

  • Bugzilla

    Protect the meadow from the evil insects and prevent them from destroying the croft.

    Purpose of the game

    In this game you have to place your limited amount of guns and turrets in such a way that they kill the waves of bugs attacking the area. You will confront various sorts of bugs, each one having their own health.

    Your objective is to kill all the bugs and let no bug escape. For each bug that escapes you, you lose a life. You have a total of 50 lives. The game ends if you run out of lives. If you kill all the bugs without losing all your lives, you go to the next level. As you go into the advaced levels, your enemies are going to get more and more advanced, but so will your weapons, keep your weapons upgraded to get the most out of them. Trade in the dredit points you earn to buy new weapons or upgrade.

    How to play

    You only have to use your mouse to play this game. click on any of the weapoms and then click on the field to install a on an installed weapon and then click on sell to sell the weapon or click on upgrade to upgrade the weapon.

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  • Crazyball

    Using ball collect all stars and move the ball to finish hole

    Between a platform and a puzzle game. You have to move a bouncing ball to collect gold balls and avoid obstacles. The game is composed by ten levels with increasing dufficulty.

    In this game you can either use your mouse or the arrow keys to navigate your crazy ball through the tunnel.Have fun!

  • DTunnel

    Guide your ship through a 3D tunnel. It is very hard to avoid the impact.

    Maneuver your ship through the tunnel without crashing into the sides. The longer you last, the tunnel becomes narrower and wilder and the speed of your ship increases.

    This tunnel undulates and turns as you fly along to electronic music. Keep your arrow inside the lines or you’ll explode on impact.

  • Kill Kenny

    You've got to try and save Kenny from his evil friends!

    Use the mouse to move back and forth to dodge the knives thrown by Cartman, Eric and Stan. The door on the building opens randomly to expose Jimbo. Jimbo is offering you a gun. You must be in front of the door to get the gun. Once you get it, aim it by using arrow keys and click Kenny to shoot.

  • Santa Catch

    Help Santa save toys from hitting the ground, but watch out for anvils.

    Help Santa as he tries to collect gifts and candy for all the nice children. He needs your help avoiding the Easter Bunny's eggs and mini bombs.

    In Santa Caught Christmas, you need to use your Arrow keys to have Santa catch all of the different presents and put them into the sleigh. The more presents you catch and put into the sleigh, the more points you will get. Compete for a High Score in this fun festive Santa Game.

  • Dragondash

    Similar to the old helicopter game, but with a few twists. Collect coloured orbs to speed up and try to get as far as you can in 60 seconds.

    Remember the helicopter game where you try to get as far as possible down the tunnel. Well this is just like that - on acid! Use the space bar to go up and down, collect the coloured orbs to speed up. Hitting the walls or collecting the grey orbs will slow you down.

    Space bar to go up, release to go down. Collect the coloured balls to speed up, avoid the grey ones and the walls as they will slow you down. How far can you get in 60 seconds?

    It's a race against time as you guide a dragon through the caverns, while collecting balls of light. Some of the weirdest controls I've ever seen... Space Bar to go up, release to go down.

  • gone postal

    Fast paced package throwing frenzy by kakihara

    Poor old Brian the postroom assistant has been worked too hard by his boss and has completely lost the plot, you must keep Brian from being arrested by the police.

    The police are coming into the building through the two side doors on the ground floor and are determined to work their way up to Brian floor by floor using the ladders.

    If a policeman gets to Brian then he will be arrested and it will be game over.

    The only means of stopping the police from reaching Brian is to throw the packages that he has stored on himself and the lob them down at the police, dont worry though the packages will not kill the police, just seriously injure them.

    Hitting a policeman with a package will stun them for a couple of secounds, if they are on a ladder then they will fall of it.

    How to play

    To throw packages press the Space Bar on your keyboard.

    To move Brian left and right use the arrow keys on your keyboard.

    As Brian takes out more and more police the forces will use greater measures to capture him, they will gradually call in better trained police who can take more punishment and ad each level passes the ammount of the police and the quickness at which they are dispatched is increased.


    To complete a level you must take out all police members that enter the building.

    Because of Brian poor mental state he can enter a rage, once in this state he moves twice as fast and can throw packages as quick and they will turn do twice as much damage.

    Brian's rage meter is found at the top of the screen, Brian can enter a state of rage when you see fit, to use the rage press the control button on your keyboard.

    Bonus points are gained at the end of every level for accuracy so be careful with your throws.

  • Early Man Wars

    In this game you play a cave man who has to fight for survival. Try to beat down the monkeys with your club before they can kill you.

    Battle early man and other amazing prehistoric beasts in this fast action fighting game.


    Use A, W, S, D or arrow keys to move. Use mouse to aim and shoot. The soil on the left most side of the screen is the most fertile. Seeds planted in the best soil will grow faster.

  • The Crusher

    Crush as many peoples heads as you can in 30 seconds