1. Pac-man

Maze Pac-man like games

Maze / Pac-man like games such as Pac-mania, Pac and Pal, Mr. Do!, Ms. Pac-Man Plus, Diamond Run, Lady Bug, Crush Roller and Amidar.

2. Racing

car graphic design abstract stripe racing

Racing Games: Great 1000 Miles Rally, World Rally, Out run, City Connection, Neo Drift Out, Wheel Madness, Around the streets and Taxi Driver.

3. Sports

football player man kicking the ball

My Sport games section includes Kung-fu, Wrestling, Soccer, Golf, Basketball, Boxing, Biking, Ping Pong, Racing, Tennis, Athletic, Skiing, Pool.

4. Strategy

young man playing game on computer

In Strategy Games you must think to find the solution and the way out. Master Checkers, Pharaohs Treasure, Mahjong, Hyper Cube and Master of the lawn.